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Christmas market

December 17, 2023
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Sydney’s most meaningful Christmas market

Thanks to all the volunteers who came to support!

You are our community’s most precious asset, and today’s event’s success wouldn’t be possible without your hard work.
Special thanks to Federal MP Sally Sitou Sally Sitou MP 陈莎莉Sally Sitou MP 陈莎莉and Deputy Mayor Patricia Prociv of ParramattaClr Patricia Prociv , who visited with their families, felt the residents’ warmth, and contributed positively to the community’s multicultural development.

During today’s event, we felt the community’s deepest love, with many residents generously donating their items. Best wishes for a warm holiday, and we look forward to seeing more familiar faces in future community events organized by SOPMCA.

Proudly, today’s WWP Christmas market raised $395, contributing to our community. Thanks for your support—let’s create a better future together!
Feels like our booth was the liveliest in the entire market, haha!

Heartfelt thanks to the Cambridge Market team and Structure Group for their excellent technical support and community promotion! With your assistance, our event proceeded smoothly. Appreciate your professionalism and enthusiasm in building bridges and spreading warmth in the community. Look forward to future collaborations and creating more beautiful moments together!
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特别感谢联邦议员Sally Sitou女士和Parramatta副市长Patricia Prociv女士,携家人一起到访,感受了居民的热情,并为社区的多元文化发展贡献了积极力量。


在此衷心感谢Cambridge Market团队和Structure Group为我们的活动提供的卓越技术支持和社区宣传!

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Date: December 17, 2023


Email: sopmca.info@gmail.com