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WCLLWaine Park

November 14, 2023
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In the company of experts from Parramatta River Catchment UP, Sydney Water, and Canada Bay Council, community residents visited the newly constructed WCLLWaine Park in Rhodes.

This activity aimed to provide residents with insights into Sydney’s water cycle system, sewage discharge, government water quality monitoring, safe spots for recreational water access in Parramatta River, and the distinction between drinking  water and recycled water.

Experts also elaborated on reporting sewage issues to the government, encouraging residents to take local actions to protect water sources and enhance water quality. The enthusiastic response from residents indicated that they gained substantial knowledge, deepening their understanding of Australian society and fostering pride in consuming world-standard tap water daily.

Notably, dental professionals recommend tap water over boiling water.

This Saturday marks the grand opening of the park! Canada Bay Council has organized free children’s face painting and a BBQ event. There’s also a complimentary shuttle bus within the community. We hope everyone can join us for a delightful time. #CommunityEvent #ParkOpening #WaterEducation #sopmca

在Parramatta River Catchment UP专家、Sydney Water专家和Canada Bay市政府专员带领下,社区居民来到Rhodes新建的WCLLWaine Park进行参观。

此次活动旨在让居民了解悉尼的水循环系统和污水排放情况,政府如何监测水质,Parramatta River中哪些地方是安全下水的,以及如何区分直饮水和循环水。

专家们还详细解答了如何向政府报告污水问题,以及如何从身边做起,保护水源并改善水质。居民们对此次活动反响热烈,纷纷表示学到了大量知识,更深刻地了解了澳洲社会,对自己每天饮用世界标准第一的直饮水感到骄傲。值得一提的小知识点是,牙科医生建议大家尽量喝tap water而不是boiling water。这次活动促进了居民对水资源的认知,并激发了他们保护环境的责任感。



Date: November 14, 2023


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