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Kokoda Track Memorial Walkway

November 1, 2023
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SOPMCA members and Teachers Mutual Bank‘s volunteers gathered early today at the Kokoda Track Memorial Walkway on the east side of Rhodes. Under the guidance of Canada Bay Council‘s garden team, they collaborated to plant 2,500 artificial poppy bouquets.

Digging, planting, and filling the soil, each person had their role, vividly showcasing what “Chinese speed” truly means. These vibrant red flowers not only adorn the memorial’s outdoor lawn but also represent lives lost in the war, and they will be on display until November 11th.

This event is part of the grand Kokoda Day series of commemorations happening this Friday. We want to express our gratitude to all participating residents, our dear friend Alice for her meticulous planning, the professional support from the City Council’s garden team, and the thoughtful morning tea and BBQ lunch provided by Office Mamager Kelly.

Special thanks to each team leader: Yiping, Jan Wang and Han LaoLao, who efficiently led their respective teams to successfully complete the mission. We had a joyful and meaningful day, and we hope nearby residents can stroll along this trail anytime.

The cruelty and devastation brought by wars are lessons in history that we must never forget. The advent of peaceful times is not coincidental; it is the result of the collective efforts and sacrifices of generations. Let us remember this fact, cherish peace, and strive to create a better future. #KokodaDay #CommunitySupport #CherishPeace

SOPMCA的社员和社区志愿者们今天一早聚集在位于Rhodes东侧的Kokoda Track战争纪念馆。在Canada Bay Council园艺师的指导下,合作种植了2500朵人工poppy花束。


这次活动也是本周五隆重的Kokoda Day系列纪念活动之一。我们要感谢所有参与的居民朋友,感谢我们的老朋友Alice女士的精心筹划,感谢市政府园艺团队的专业支持,感谢纪念馆工作人员Kelly为我们准备的贴心早茶和BBQ午餐。同时,也要感谢每个小组的队长:Yiping姐、Jan姐和韩姥姥。他们高效地领导各自的小组圆满完成了任务。




Date: November 1, 2023


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