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Double Ninth Festival

October 23, 2023
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Today, we visited the Kokoda Track Memorial Walkway to learn about the courageous stories of young Australian volunteer soldiers who fought in the rugged mountains of Papua New Guinea during World War II. Despite their small numbers, they, with unwavering determination and the help of local villagers, achieved remarkable victories, effectively halting the Japanese forces in the Pacific theater. We also explored the profound connections between Concord Hospital and the military, both in wartime and modern times.

A heartfelt thank you to Ms. Alice for her passionate explanations. Afterward, we took a stroll along the walkway, carrying these deeply moving stories in our hearts and laying wreaths in honor of the fallen heroes. #KokodaTrack #NeverForget #InspirationalStories

The walkway spans over 800 meters, from Concord Hospital to Rhodes Train Station, with 22 informative stations describing important wartime locations and events, complete with photos and maps.

A group of 16-18-year-olds, who had never experienced jungle life, climbed with their bare hands, carrying all their food, gear, and rudimentary weapons. With the assistance of local villagers, they took on an enemy of 5000 with just 80 people. The harsh realities of war are beyond words, and it’s a reminder to cherish the peace we have now.

This special event for the Double Ninth Festival, thanks to the funding support from Metro Assist and ACCF (Australian Chinese Charity Foundation), ended with a hearty lunch gathering. Everyone gathered under the jacaranda tree, conversing with social workers and community volunteers from Pakistan, South Africa, Fiji, and other countries, learning about their cultures and languages. #DoubleNinthFestival #CulturalExchange #CherishPeace

今天,我们来到科科达步行道战争纪念馆 (Kokoda Track Memorial Walkway),了解二战期间年轻的澳大利亚志愿军士兵在巴布亚新几内亚崎岖山地的英勇战斗故事。


由衷感谢Alice女士为我们深情讲解。随后,我们沿着小道散步,怀着这些感人肺腑的故事,向牺牲的英雄献上花圈。 #科库达小道 #不忘初心 #励志故事

步行道总长800多米,从Concord医院一直到Rhodes火车站,其中设立了 22 个信息站,每个信息站都描述了战时的重要地点或参与情况,并附有照片和地图。


本次重阳节英语角特别活动,感谢Metro Assist和ACCF澳洲华人公益金组织的资金支持,丰盛的午餐聚会后大家在蓝花楹树下合影,与来自巴基斯坦、南非、斐济等国的社工和社区志愿者一起聊天联系口语、了解他们国家的文化。


Date: October 23, 2023


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