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Community Puzzle Workshop

Community Puzzle Workshop, where families share joyful moments together! Dear (grand)parents, welcome to bring your (grand)children to join this free community event. Let's explore the world of puzzles together, create beautiful memories, and enjoy love and laughter. Children will develop logical thinking, patience, and teamwork during the puzzle-solving process, deepening their bond with grandparents. RSVP […]

Day Tour to Canberra

Thank you to all the members of SOPMCA who participated in the day tour to Canberra! During this activity, we delved into the basics of Australian democracy, the management of government at all levels, and learned how bills are drafted and passed, as well as the construction stories of Canberra and the Parliament House. We […]

Exploring the Iconic Building Phive

Explore the iconic building Phive in Parramatta CBD, where SOPMCA members immerse themselves in awe-inspiring innovative design. Phive not only made it to the shortlist of the 2023 World Library Awards but also proudly achieved the Australian 6-star Green Star rating, showcasing its leading position in the world of architectural design and construction. Its enormous […]

Community Unity: SOPMCA’s Clean Up Australia Day

3 March is Clean Up Australia Day, and members of the SOPMCA have worked together to clean the bridge. This was not just a simple volunteer activity, but also a genuine expression of their love for the community. The camera captured this special moment, documenting the volunteers' good deeds and sincerity. We are incredibly proud […]

SOPMCA’s Calligraphy Celebration at WWP Market

At this month's WWP Market, dozens of SOPMCA volunteers braved the scorching sun to set up tents and tables, establishing a free calligraphy teaching point. 86-year-old Mr. Chen, calligraphy enthusiast Dr.Wang, and community resident Ping took on the teaching tasks. With the translation assistance of volunteers Serena, Tracy, and lawyer Cai, they provided a unique […]

Dumplings and Cultural Exchange at Burwood’s Lunar New Year Celebration

On the day when Cupid meets God of Wealth, 100 new immigrants from various ethnic backgrounds gathered at the Burwood Community Centre to celebrate the Lunar New Year, making dumplings together, and learning about and sharing Chinese culture. We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to Metro Assist, SBS News, and Burwood Council for […]

SOPMCA Community Wellness Sound Bath

SOPMCA Community Wellness Sound Bath Event: During the 60-minute meditation session, members experienced profound tranquility, with even some gentle snores heard during both sessions 😄. After the experience, Master Christal shared the miraculous benefits of singing bowls for relaxation and healing, such as alleviating nerve tension and treating post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). To accommodate working […]

SOPMCA‘s First Anniversary!

SOPMCA is delighted to celebrate its first anniversary! Looking back, we have successfully brought together a dedicated committee, members, community neighbors, and volunteers who share a passion for public welfare and community. Through our collective efforts, we have fostered community integration and mutual support, creating a vibrant and united neighbourhood. The celebratory banquet, held at […]

Weekend Calligraphy Blessing Experience

SOPMCA Weekend Calligraphy Blessing Experience has stirred up enthusiasm within the community, with both local Chinese and Western residents actively participating. Everyone rolled up their sleeves to personally experience the joy of writing with a brush, whether possessing a basic foundation or venturing into it for the first time, each person's face lit up with […]

The SOPMCA Community’s Calligraphy Seminar

The SOPMCA community's calligraphy seminar and "Fu" (福 - Blessings) writing experience concluded with joyous laughter and smiles. Over 30 residents, guided by Master. Qian, delved into the evolution of Chinese characters from oracle bone script to the Tang and Song dynasties, learning the art of crafting beautiful "Fu" characters on traditional Chinese square paper. […]

Eight Brocades Qigong

🌞✨ In the warm morning light, over 40 community residents gathered by the Parramatta River for a unique session of Eight Brocades Qigong. Master Qiu, a 6th-degree Chinese national martial arts expert, chinese nationally certified social sports instructor, and martial arts rank evaluator, personally guided and precisely corrected the movements of each participant. This allowed […]

Christmas market

Sydney's most meaningful Christmas market Thanks to all the volunteers who came to support! You are our community's most precious asset, and today's event's success wouldn't be possible without your hard work. Special thanks to Federal MP Sally Sitou Sally Sitou MP 陈莎莉Sally Sitou MP 陈莎莉and Deputy Mayor Patricia Prociv of ParramattaClr Patricia Prociv , […]

WCLLWaine Park

In the company of experts from Parramatta River Catchment UP, Sydney Water, and Canada Bay Council, community residents visited the newly constructed WCLLWaine Park in Rhodes. This activity aimed to provide residents with insights into Sydney's water cycle system, sewage discharge, government water quality monitoring, safe spots for recreational water access in Parramatta River, and […]

Kokoda Track Memorial Walkway

SOPMCA members and Teachers Mutual Bank‘s volunteers gathered early today at the Kokoda Track Memorial Walkway on the east side of Rhodes. Under the guidance of Canada Bay Council's garden team, they collaborated to plant 2,500 artificial poppy bouquets. Digging, planting, and filling the soil, each person had their role, vividly showcasing what "Chinese speed" […]

Double Ninth Festival

Today, we visited the Kokoda Track Memorial Walkway to learn about the courageous stories of young Australian volunteer soldiers who fought in the rugged mountains of Papua New Guinea during World War II. Despite their small numbers, they, with unwavering determination and the help of local villagers, achieved remarkable victories, effectively halting the Japanese forces […]

Hiking Adventure

An unforgettable hiking adventure! Volunteers from SOPMCA, along with members and hiking enthusiasts, started the adventure at the SOP Wharf, taking a ferry to Parramatta Wharf. On our return, we hiked 9 kilometres, passing through Western Sydney University, all while admiring the beautiful Parramatta River views and the iconic jacaranda trees of Sydney in spring. […]

Community English Class

Today, our community's zero-base English class welcomed 30 eager students in Wentworth Point Community Centre and Library! In our very first lesson, we each chose our English names and confidently introduced ourselves. It's a promising start, and just imagine the fun encounters we'll have when we bump into each other at Coles or in the […]

Community’s Art Class

The community's free art class at WWP Library was a great success! Over a dozen residents, guided by our talented teacher, created their own masterpieces. Everyone agreed that the one-hour session passed by in the blink of an eye, and they couldn't help but get lost in the world of art. Looking forward to the […]

Community Table Tennis Championship

Dear Volunteers, The Community Table Tennis Championship has come to a successful close, and we want to extend our deepest gratitude and respect to each of you! The success of this event is inseparable from your selfless dedication and assistance. Your hard work, enthusiasm, and silent support brought vibrancy to the championship, creating joyful moments […]

Safeguard Parramatta River

Taking Action to Safeguard Parramatta River and Beautify Sydney! We want to extend our deepest gratitude to the dedicated community resident volunteers! They have selflessly dedicated their efforts to preserving our precious Parramatta River, working together to make the skies bluer and the waters greener in Australia. On World Cleanup Day, they didn't just clean […]

Hiking Sydney

Taronga Zoo to Balmoral Beach Adventure awaits! We're embarking on a 7 km hike, rated as easy, with an estimated duration of around 4 hours. Our journey starts at Taronga Zoo (departure from Circular Quay Wharf 4), with the stunning cityscape as our backdrop for photo ops. First stop: Bradley's Head Amphitheatre, a 19th-century military […]