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Community Unity: SOPMCA’s Clean Up Australia Day

March 3
  • This event has passed.

3 March is Clean Up Australia Day, and members of the SOPMCA have worked together to clean the bridge. This was not just a simple volunteer activity, but also a genuine expression of their love for the community.

The camera captured this special moment, documenting the volunteers’ good deeds and sincerity. We are incredibly proud to have so many community residents willing to contribute.

Thanks to Councillor Kellie Darley for City of Parramatta for helping us with the event.

We also want to give special thanks to Hair Gamsung Wentworth Point Hair gamsung for their crucial support and care through providing water services during the event. Thank you to clean up Australia Clean Up Australia for providing us with professional gloves and recyclable garbage bags. Special thanks to the Parramatta City Council Parramatta City Council collecting the garbage after the event.

This clean-up action not only brought us a clean and tidy environment but also conveyed the warmth and unity of the community. In the future, we will continue to strive, and we hope more people will be willing to join the clean-up efforts!

#stepuptocleanup #cleanupaustralia



同时,也要特别感谢Hair Gamsung Wentworth Point,他们的供水服务在活动中给了志愿者们关键的支持和帮助。感谢cleanup Australia为我们提供专业手套和可回收垃圾袋。感谢Parramatta市政府统一收集活动后的垃圾。



Date: March 3


Email: sopmca.info@gmail.com