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Dumplings and Cultural Exchange at Burwood’s Lunar New Year Celebration

February 18
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On the day when Cupid meets God of Wealth, 100 new immigrants from various ethnic backgrounds gathered at the Burwood Community Centre to celebrate the Lunar New Year, making dumplings together, and learning about and sharing Chinese culture. We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to Metro Assist, SBS News, and Burwood Council for their generous support, and a special thanks to today’s photographer, Ping!

During the event, we had the honor of welcoming Ron Hoenig MP, the Local Government Minister of New South Wales, Mark Buttigieg MLC, Assistant Minister for Multiculturalism (representing Steve Kamper, the Minister for Multiculturalism of New South Wales), Strathfield MP Jason Yat-sen Li MP, and Mayor of Burwood John Faker.

在爱神遇到财神的日子里,100位来自各个民族的新移民们齐聚Burwood社区中心,庆祝农历新年,一起包饺子,了解和分享中国文化。感谢Metro Assist、SBS和Burwood市政府的大力支持,也特别感谢今日的摄影师Ping!

在活动中,我们有幸见到了新南威尔士州地方政府部长Ron Hoenig、新州多元文化助理部长/上议员Mark Buttigieg(他代表新州多元文化部长Steve Kamper出席活动)、Strathfield州议员李逸仙,以及Burwood市长John Faker。


Date: February 18


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