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SOPMCA Community Wellness Sound Bath

February 7
  • This event has passed.

SOPMCA Community Wellness Sound Bath Event:

During the 60-minute meditation session, members experienced profound tranquility, with even some gentle snores heard during both sessions 😄.

After the experience, Master Christal shared the miraculous benefits of singing bowls for relaxation and healing, such as alleviating nerve tension and treating post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

To accommodate working individuals, we will host two more free sessions in both English and Chinese on weekday evenings at the end of the month. We look forward to welcoming more residents!

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The vibrations of singing bowls guide the body into a rhythmic balance, leading us back to the most natural state of mind and body. As the body completely relaxes and immerses itself in the healing sounds, we naturally release emotional burdens, let go of expectations of ourselves, and embrace inner peace and harmony. Reconnecting with the power of the present moment allows us to treat our inner selves with gentleness and compassion.







Date: February 7


Email: sopmca.info@gmail.com