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SOPMCA’s Calligraphy Celebration at WWP Market

February 18
  • This event has passed.

At this month’s WWP Market, dozens of SOPMCA volunteers braved the scorching sun to set up tents and tables, establishing a free calligraphy teaching point. 86-year-old Mr. Chen, calligraphy enthusiast Dr.Wang, and community resident Ping took on the teaching tasks. With the translation assistance of volunteers Serena, Tracy, and lawyer Cai, they provided a unique calligraphy experience for children and locals in the community.

Special guests Federal MP Sally Sitou Sally Sitou MP 陈莎莉and Parramatta State MP Donna Davis Donna Davis MP arrived with custom red envelopes and couplets to wish everyone a Happy New Year!

Everyone was thrilled to try brush calligraphy for the first time, and they were particularly excited when holding up their Chinese names. We thank every resident who donated to us. Thank Structure BM Structure Building Management and Cambridge Market Cambridge Markets for their generous support of our association! We will continue to work hard to bring more free and low-cost activities to the community.

Wishing everyone a prosperous Year of the Dragon, with all wishes fulfilled and abundant wealth!


还有特别来宾Reid联邦议员陈莎莉Sally Sitou和Parramatta州议员唐娜戴维斯Donna Davis带着定制红包和春联特地赶来给大家拜年!



Date: February 18


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