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The SOPMCA Community’s Calligraphy Seminar

January 17
  • This event has passed.

The SOPMCA community’s calligraphy seminar and “Fu” (福 – Blessings) writing experience concluded with joyous laughter and smiles. Over 30 residents, guided by Master. Qian, delved into the evolution of Chinese characters from oracle bone script to the Tang and Song dynasties, learning the art of crafting beautiful “Fu” characters on traditional Chinese square paper.

A highlight of the event was the special presence of Chinese-Australian officers from the Auburn Police Area Command. They not only extended Lunar New Year blessings but also provided valuable insights on enhancing community safety awareness. This event not only served as a cultural exchange platform but also deepened the community’s understanding of safety measures.

Our community residents showcased remarkable calligraphy talents, surprising everyone with their unexpectedly excellent skills. Even beginners displayed a level of proficiency that suggested an innate talent engraved in their genes. The moments when children earnestly wrote were particularly touching, emphasizing the preciousness of preserving Chinese culture in a foreign land.

For those who missed today’s seminar, fret not! This Saturday, we will host another free calligraphy and “Fu” writing activity at the entrance of WWP New Oriental Supermarket. We look forward to meeting more residents. Additionally, we welcome any amount of donations, as this will contribute to future exciting community events organized by our community association.

A heartfelt thank you to all the volunteers who made today’s event even more spectacular!








Date: January 17


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