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Weekend Calligraphy Blessing Experience

January 20
  • This event has passed.

SOPMCA Weekend Calligraphy Blessing Experience has stirred up enthusiasm within the community, with both local Chinese and Western residents actively participating. Everyone rolled up their sleeves to personally experience the joy of writing with a brush, whether possessing a basic foundation or venturing into it for the first time, each person’s face lit up with smiles. Our special guest Dr Patricia ProvicClr Patricia Prociv,Deputy Mayor of Parramatta, joyfully joined in, immersing herself in the delightful atmosphere.

A heartfelt thank you to Master Juanmei Qian and Master Xiaobo Wang for providing professional technical guidance. Gratitude extends to all volunteers for their enthusiastic dedication. Special thanks to Orange Grocery orangesupermarket for generously providing the venue and delightful desert.

Your support ensured the smooth execution of the event, creating unforgettable moments for the community.

SOPMCA周末书法写福体验活动在社区内掀起了一阵热潮,无论是当地的华人还是西人居民,都踊跃参与。大家纷纷挽起袖子,亲自体验用毛笔写字的乐趣,无论是拥有简单基础还是初次涉猎,每个人脸上都洋溢着欢愉的笑容。我们Parramatta的副市长Patricia Provic女士也欣然加入,沉浸在这个愉悦的氛围中。



Date: January 20


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